Time to sign up for Championships

Hello, IHSC Parents

Great meet yesterday! One more dual meet and then it is Championship Saturday.

For new families - in non-COVID years, Bronze, Silver, and Gold Championships are three separate meets. Swimmers may swim in only one championship meet, and only the events they qualify for in that particular meet. That is to say, if a swimmer has a bronze fly time, free and back in silver, and a gold time in breast they would have to choose the meet they wanted to compete in and swim only those events - say Silver Meet free and back swims.

This year, the championships will be held virtually, just as our dual meets have been. Swimmers may swim up to 4 individual events. They must choose one official meet (Bronze, Silver, or Gold) and up to three individual events in that meet. Then they can put the other stroke(s) they want to swim in the Coach's notes to be swum exhibition (no points, no ribbons - just for fun.)

Example: Swimmer A has five Gold Meet times. She chooses to swim IM, back, and breast in the Gold Meet and in the coach's notes she indicates her fourth stroke will be freestyle.

Example: Swimmer B has two Silver Meet times and two Bronze times. She enters her two Silver Meet times officially and puts her two Bronze meet events in the notes as exhibition swims.

As of today, I am attaching the Greater Annapolis Swim League (GASL) Qualifying Times, unchanged since 2017. We have one more meet to go, but we have to gather all of the championship times immediately after the meet next Saturday and send them to the league so we need entries now. If a swimmer drops time next week we can adjust their entries.

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